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Develop and Scan


Our Snapshot Scan provides you with a resolution of 1024 px × 1536 px, or get even clearer scans with double the resolution at 2048px × 3072 px with HR Scans.

For increased quality, add COLOR CARE to your roll and our lab technicians will make sure that the colors are as true to life and vibrant as possible.

Great for everything from Facebook to professional projects, we can provide you with a digital scan of your film, delivered to you electronically before you even get your negatives back. All scans are JPEG file format, but please contact us if you’re interested in receiving TIFFs instead, which are ideal for editing/color correcting your images. We provide the scans using, delivered to the email account indicated when you order, but we are also happy to provide a CD if you’d prefer that as well - just indicate which you would prefer during in the special instructions text box.

How do I ship my film to you? Is there a specific way I should package my film?

    • Pack rolls in their original plastic packs whenever possible, or wrap the rolls in aluminum foil or plastic wrap. Ship to us by first class mail, small package rate. USPS no longer accepts any envelope with a lump in it at the letter rate! Four rolls of 24 exposures weigh about 3.44 oz (96 g) with the cans, and a 4" × 7" (10.2 cm × 17.8 cm) (Industry size #000) bubble envelope weighs about 1/3 oz (9.5 g), a bit less for poly envelopes. You will be able to fit four rolls in one of the small bubble mailers if you don't use the cans.
    • Please enclose a copy of your on-line checkout sheet with your order! Doing this will greatly increase the speed at which your order is processed.
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Contains film please don't X-ray

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