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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does an order take to be completed?

  • We try to have your order shipped back to you within 3 business days of when your package arrives at our facility. So, if your package arrives at our lab on a Monday, we would ship out your completed order by Thursday of that week.
  • There are variables that can affect this turnaround timetable such as an influx in orders, errors with machines, or specialty orders. But all of us at Lumentation try for this 3 day turnaround for all of our customers.
  • Can I drop my film off and pick-up instead of ship it to you?

  • We will be opening a store front at our lab in the near future where we will have business hours Mon - Fri for drop off and pick-up. In the meantime until the opening of the store front, please email for drop offs.
  • Does it matter how old my film is? Will the images come out differently on older film?

  • We are able to develop film of any age whether if it was shot 60 years ago or 60 seconds ago!
  • That said, it is always possible that older film can develop with abnormalities such as discoloration or blurriness. It depends on the type and condition your film has been in. We process the film the same no matter the age, but the results can vary depending on the conditions your film has been in.
  • Can I get a downloadable link to my images?

  • Yes! We scan send your scans to you digitally if you select our digital download option.
  • I have never had film developed before! What do I do?

  • Welcome! We get customers of all experiences at Lumentation, from knowledgeable photographers, to brand new film users. The next few questions explain the process.
  • To get your film developed:

    • Select what type of film you are developing (Color or Black & White)
    • Select what type of service you desire (develop only, print, scan)
    • Select how many rolls of film you would like developed
    • Checkout and pay
    • Follow our shipping instructions to ship your film to us
    If you have any other questions always feel free to reach out at

    What type of film do you develop?

  • We are able to process both C-41 and Black & White film for 35 mm, 110 mm, 120 mm, 126 mm & 220 mm sizes.
  • So do you process e-6/slide/color positive film? Or APS film?

  • We do not currently have the capabilities to process e-6/slide/color positive or APS film. But we are looking into processing them in the future. Stay tuned!
  • Can you push/pull film?

  • We can push/pull any Black & White film. Simply make a note of how many stops to push/pull when you place your order. For Color film we do not yet have the capabilities to push/pull.
  • What method do you use to print?

  • We are one of the only film labs still using wet processing techniques to print! This means our machines expose photo paper using Kodak Ektacolor chemicals to develop and print the image rather than printing with ink.
  • What chemicals do you use to develop?

  • We use D-76 Kodak chemicals for all Black & White processing and Kodak Flexicolor chemicals for C-41 developing.
  • Can I send my disposable cameras to you?

  • Yes! We can develop the film from disposable cameras. If you want to send the whole camera we can take the film out for you. For simple instructions on safely removing the film, click here.
  • Do you return the negative to the customer?

  • We do! We always return the negative back with your order (unless you don't want them). If you would like your negatives left uncut please make a note on your order to leave negatives uncut.
  • What resolution do you scan?

    • Snapshot resolution: 1024 px × 1536 px
    • High Resolution: 2048 px × 3072 px

    Ok, but what is the difference your scan options? What will my scans look like?

  • We suggest you choose your resolution based on how you plan to view your scans. If you are planning on viewing your images on a larger screen such as a computer or want the flexibility to edit the scans high res is the best option for you. If you are planning on viewing the images on smaller screens such as a phone and plan to leave the image unedited our snapshot resolution is right for you.
  • How do I ship my film to you? Is there a specific way I should package my film?

    • Pack rolls in their original plastic packs whenever possible, or wrap the rolls in aluminum foil or plastic wrap. Ship to us by first class mail, small package rate. USPS no longer accepts any envelope with a lump in it at the letter rate! Four rolls of 24 exposures weigh about 3.44 oz (96 g) with the cans, and a 4" × 7" (10.2 cm × 17.8 cm) (Industry size #000) bubble envelope weighs about 1/3 oz (9.5 g), a bit less for poly envelopes. You will be able to fit four rolls in one of the small bubble mailers if you don't use the cans.
    • Please enclose a copy of your on-line checkout sheet with your order! Doing this will greatly increase the speed at which your order is processed.
    • Mail to:

      64 Joy St
      Somerville, MA 02143
      Contains film please don't X-ray

    What if I find an issue with my processed film or I am unsatisfied with the quality?

    • We try to ensure the highest quality products to our customers whether they are scans, prints, or develop only. With that said, film can be a sensitive and delicate medium where mistakes can happen that are unavoidable. Film attracts dust and can stick to the film and show up in the final images for instance, or small scratches can be made by our automatic machines on occasion.
    • We do our absolute best to avoid any flaws, but we understand that each file or print may not be perfect. All of us at Lumentation are lovers of film and shoot film ourselves so we understand the desire for perfect images. We hope you see our efforts in giving you the highest quality service and understand the sensitive nature of film can result in imperfections.

    If my roll turns out blank will I be refunded?

  • If your film roll turns out blank we can send you a partial refund if you selected scans or prints for your order. The price of the developing of the film will still be charged as we have to use chemicals and time to develop every roll of film even if it turns out blank.
  • I have a lot of rolls of film, is there a limit on how much I can send?

  • There is no limit! We can process as many or as few rolls of film as you send to us.